December 22, 2008

Liam update

First​ of all, thank​ you all for your thoughts and prayers over the last week.​ It has been a crazy​ one! I haven't had a chance yet to blog about what happened last Tuesday and how we're doing now, so here goes...

Last Tuesd​ay,​ we went in for my weekl​y check​-​up.​ The docto​r had order​ed a test on the baby,​ and durin​g the test we disco​vered​ that Liam had falle​n behin​d on the growt​h chart​s,​ and was not movin​g very much.​ The docto​r then hooke​d him up to a heart​ monit​or,​ and perfo​rmed anoth​er test to 
disco​ver wheth​er or not Liam was movin​g.​ Once again​,​ he did not move.​ While​ I was hooke​d up to the heart​ monit​or,​ Liam'​s heart​ rate dropp​ed,​ so the docto​r immed​iatel​y trans​ferre​d me to OU 
Medic​al for furth​er testi​ng.​ Upon check​ing in at the hospi​tal,​ two more of the same tests​ were ran on Liam,​ and again​ he was not movin​g.​ The docto​rs notic​ed that his heart​ rate was unsta​ble and 
order​ed anoth​er test to check​ the blood​ and oxyge​n flow throu​gh the cord.​ The resul​ts were that there​ was not enoug​h blood, nutri​ents,​ or oxyge​n getti​ng to the baby,​ so we were told that Liam needed​ to be deliv​ered via C-​Secti​on in "​about​ an hour to an hour and a half.​"​ About​ 5 minut​es later​,​ Liam'​s heart​ rate dropp​ed again​ and my nurse​ along​ with about​ 10 other​ peopl​e rushe​d into the room and said,​ "​We'​re going​ now!​"​ About​ 20 minut​es later​,​ Liam enter​ed the world​,​ weigh​ing a huge 4 lbs. and measu​ring 17 inche​s.​ 

We were warne​d befor​e the C-​Secti​on that Liam would​ possi​bly not be able to breat​h on his own, since​ he was being​ deliv​ered at 34 weeks​.​ Thank​fully​,​ his lungs​ were devel​oped and he was able to take his first​ breat​h on his own. He was immed​iatel​y taken​ to the NICU,​ which​ is where​ he is today​.​ He is doing​ very well,​ consi​derin​g he was 6 weeks​ prema​ture.​ He has a littl​e jaund​ice and does not like to eat from a bottl​e yet. Poor guy.​.​.​he is suppo​sed to be feedi​ng throu​gh the cord right​ now!​!​!​ As soon as he figur​es out how to eat, we'​ll get to go home!​ I can't wait for that day!!!

Altho​ugh last Tuesd​ay was by far the most chall​engin​g and scari​est day of my life,​ it was the best day of my life,​ as well.​ Heari​ng Liam'​s first​ cry, seein​g my best frien​d hold his son, and givin​g Liam that first​ kiss is somet​hing I have looke​d forwa​rd to for years​ and somet​hing I will never​ forge​t!​ I am bless​ed beyon​d words​!​!​!​!​!​!​!

December 17, 2008

Welcome Liam Victor!

To our surprise, Liam Victor made his arrival on Tuesday, December 16th at 5:29 p.m. He weighed 4 pounds and measured 17.25 inches. He is tiny, but is a fighter. After one puff from an oxygen mask, Liam started breathing on his own. He is still in the NICU and will remain there for about two weeks. Please pray that our precious baby boy continues to improve and grow!!!

I will post more pics and give more details about Liam's surprise birthday in a few days when I'm not so exhausted!!!

Our first family pic
My first time to hold him
David got to feed him about two hours after he was born!
Our precious baby
He couldn't be more perfect!

December 2, 2008

Love at First Sight!!!

For most of the pregnancy, David and I have been undecided about whether or not to do a 4-D ultrasound. Then, someone I know gave me a gift certificate to Miracle Within Ultrasound in Edmond that covered half of the cost of the ultrasound, so we decided to go for it. I am SO thankful we did!!! It was an amazing experience. My mom and dad, David's mom and his little sister all made the trip to Edmond so that they could share this precious moment with us. It was incredible to see how much of a pretzel Liam is. For most of the ultrasound he had his feet and his hands covering his face. It took a lot of poking and prodding to get him to show us his adorable facial features. It was fun to speculate which parent each feature came from. He definitely has his mommy's nose and his daddy's ears!!!

Here are some of the photos from the ultrasound...

Yawning...I think that is the cutest tongue ever!!!
Look at that grin!
Liam's profile...he definitely has the Bonham nose!!!
His eye is open in this one!!!
Peace! Haha!!! Trying to suck on a finger...

November 26, 2008

Baby Shower #2

My cousin, Kristin, and Aunt Vicki threw me a shower in Bartlesville last weekend. The shower was great. Liam got lots of wonderful gifts...clothes, socks, blankets, stuffed animals, bibs...all the things our precious baby will need. He also got his very first OU hat and bib. David was SO excited about that. (I must add that he also got the same hat and bib in OSU to even things out!!! AND...Nana and Papa got him an adorable OSU outfit. As of now, there is more orange in his wardrobe than crimson!!!) 

It was so great to see all of our family. Thanks to everyone who traveled to make it to the shower and to Kristin and Vicki for throwing such a wonderful shower!!!

31 Weeks and 2 Days
The cake was delicious
Isn't the punch adorable?!?!
The gift table
The OSU bib and hat
This one's for David!
This shirt makes me laugh!!!
My grandma got Liam the most adorable outfit!!!

Baby Shower #1

My first baby shower was here in Norman a couple of weeks ago. The decor was all sports and everything was adorable!!! We played a couple of fun baby games, ate some yummy food, and opened some great presents. Thank you Casey, Beth, and Skye for throwing me such a wonderful shower!!!

Diaper cupcakes
I was so excited to get the stroller...
and the matching car seat!!!
Beth, Skye, myself and Casey

It has finally happened...

I'm officially on bed rest until after Liam comes. I went to the doctor on Monday and my blood pressure was really high. The doctor kept me in his office for an hour and a half hoping that it would drop, but no luck. So...he told me I could go to work on Tuesday, and that Tuesday would be my last day. It was very stressful to get my classroom ready for the next 4 months. I had planned to start my lesson plans this weekend, start copying next week, and have everything ready by Christmas Break. But, God had other plans for me! I got as much done as I could in my classroom, and I know my long-term sub will do great!!! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to say good-bye to my students. I know I am going to miss them tons!!!

Thankfully, Liam is still doing great. His heart rate is perfect, and he is still very active. The doctor's goal is for me to make it to 37 or 38 weeks before he has to induce, so that Little Liam's lungs will be ready. So...Liam may make his appearance the first week of January!!!

I go back to the doctor this afternoon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the SIX blood pressure pills I am taking each day will do the trick. The doctor told me on Monday that I can still go to Bartlesville for Thanksgiving, but that I couldn't do anything while I'm there. I sure hope he doesn't change his mind when I go in today!!!

November 10, 2008

Yay for good news!!!

I went back to the doctor for my weekly visit today, and Liam and I are doing great! My blood pressure was the lowest it has been at the doctor's office since before I was 19 weeks. (I'm almost 30 weeks now.) Liam is continuing to grow perfectly and his heart rate is perfect. The doctor didn't mention any restrictions for the week, so I guess I'll continue to take it easy and enjoy being a "normal" pregnant lady until my appointment next Monday. Yay!!!

During the visit, David asked the doctor about his feelings on inducing labor. He said that he always gives the option about a week before the due date, but in my case, I probably will not have an option. He said that if my blood pressure escalates later in the pregnancy, it will become a health issue, and he will have to induce at least a week early. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!!!

Random side-note #1: This morning when I woke up, it was pouring outside. I dread mornings when it is rainy, because I know that our dog, Ross, will refuse to go outside, and I'll have to clean up his "accident" before I leave for work. Well, not this morning! I decided to go ahead and open the back door to try to persuade him to go outside. Ross ran to the opening as usual, noticed the rain and then skidded to a stop. He looked up at me, and as if understanding my dread of having to clean up a mess, ducked his little bitty head and braved the rain to go potty!!! I was so proud of him!!! : ) Here are a couple of pics from when he came back inside and was shivering because he was soaking wet. I covered him up in a t-shirt and he curled up in it to stay warm. He's just so darn cute that I couldn't help myself....I had to share!!!

Random side-note #2: I went to DFW this weekend with my parents for my dad's 60th birthday. We had a great time! We met up with Skye and Thad for my dad's birthday dinner at Babe's. Let me tell ya, Babe's is amazing!!! I couldn't get enough food! After we finished eating, we spent some time shopping. (Well, everyone shopped while I mostly sat.) After shopping, we went back to Skye and Thad's to watch the OSU game, which was totally depressing. What happened to my team?!?!?! Anyways, we had a fantastic time. Thanks, Barry, for letting us crash with you!!!

November 4, 2008


I went back to the doctor yesterday and it went really well! My doctor was very happy because my blood pressure had gone down. He also mentioned that I lost two pounds, which means that I am retaining less water. He gave me permission to start doing a few things around the house again, but still wants me to "take it easy."  He even said I could travel to Texas this weekend with my family for my dad's 60th birthday! Yay!!! To celebrate the good news, here's a new belly pic.
28 Weeks 5 Days

David and I went to vote yesterday in the early voting polls. The people working the polls were very understanding of my situation. They let me sit on a bench and wait for David to get close to the door before I joined him in line. Now, we're watching CNN as the polls close. This election has been crazy and I really am glad it's almost over! No matter how it turns out, I'm excited that I got to be a part of such a historical event. Although, I'll admit that I will be kind of bummed if it doesn't go my way. ; ) I've become so involved this that a sign that I'm getting old?!?!?!

David and Ross watching the polls close

Ross wearing his Daddy's favorite t-shirt

My vote should have counted twice...Haha!!!

October 29, 2008

Better day

I have had a much better day than I did yesterday! I have accepted the fact that for the next three months, I am going to have to "cut back" and take it easy. I decided that if that's what I need to do to keep Liam and myself healthy, then that's what I'm going to do.  

My principal has been completely understanding and helpful since I called him to tell him the news. He was quick to tell me not to worry about not being able to coach basketball any longer and that he would find me a replacement. Which, he did! I'm really excited about the teacher who is taking my place. She's going to do a great job!!! He also told me that while I am at work to feel free to put my feet up and relax. My co-workers have been great, also. I'm so thankful that everyone at work has been so understanding!!!

I'm also thankful for my adorably sweet husband. By the time I got home from the doctor yesterday he had rearranged the living room to where the big, comfy couch was facing the tv, so that I could lay on my left side while I watch tv. (My doctor said that laying on my left side will help lower my bp.) He's prepared to take over all the stuff around the house that I can't do anymore. He is such a wonderful person, and I am so blessed to have him as my hubby!

October 28, 2008

Darn Genetics!!!

As some of you may know, I have been struggling to keep my blood pressure at a normal level. The problems started when I was about 19 weeks pregnant. We had gone in for an ultrasound and my doctor mentioned that my bp was a little high. He suggested I cut salt out of my diet and come back in two weeks. So, I began my very bland diet and assumed the problem would be solved. Two weeks later, I head back to the doctor and guess bp had gone up even higher. I asked the doctor why my blood pressure was going up and he blamed it on genetics! Thanks, MOM! ; ) So, the doctor put me on bp meds and asked me to come back in three days. Three days later, the meds hadn't started working and my bp was still high. So, for about two weeks I was going to the doctor every three days to have my bp checked. (On a positive note, I was getting to hear Liam's heartbeat every time I went in!) Then, finally, the meds kicked in and my bp dropped to a perfectly safe level.  I was so relieved! I was starting to worry that I would be put on bed rest almost 4 months before Liam's due date. I would have gone crazy!!! Also, I was given the green light to coach basketball. I was so pumped!!! Well, that relief lasted for about 3 weeks. 

Last week I noticed that my fingers were starting to swell, so I started to monitor my bp again. The first time I checked it, it was a little high. I thought that it was probably because I had just cooked dinner. The next day I checked it again and it was a little higher. Then, yesterday I checked my bp while watching The Young and the Restless and it was ridiculous high! I immediately started to flip out, which I'm sure helped lower my bp. Ha! Anyway, I called my doctor today to give him an update and he asked me to come in after school. So, I went in with the thoughts of bed rest looming over my head. The doctor checked my bp, and of course, it was high. He proceeded to tell me to up my bp meds dosage and to cut back on all physical activity, including work! What?!?! How am I supposed to "cut back on work?" So, I asked about coaching. He quickly told me that I should NOT be coaching. Then, he looked at my chart again and told me that I could continue to work as long as I limited my daily activity to work only. No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning! All I can do is go to work, come home, and lay on the couch. Some of you may be thinking that this sounds wonderful, but seriously!?!?! 3 months of nothing but work?!?! I think I may go crazy, but I guess it's better than complete bed rest, which still may come.

I go back to the doctor on Monday to find out if the extra dosage of meds and the decrease in activity has helped lower my bp. If not, the doctor said that I'll probably be put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Thankfully, Liam is handling the high bp well. He is still active and his heart rate is still perfect. I keep thinking to myself how worthwhile this will all be. Liam is my light at the end of the tunnel!!!

October 20, 2008


David and I went to Stillwater this past weekend for homecoming. We had a blast! We started out by tailgating for a little bit, then Skye and I headed to Joe's for some delicious cheese fries! After we stuffed ourselves, we headed to the game to meet up with Thad and Chad. (Thanks again for the ticket, Thad!) The game was awesome...another Cowboy win! Go Pokes!!! While we were at the game, David hung out at Joe's and got to spend some time with his little sister. After the game we met David back at Joe's and spent the rest of the night there with some of our closest friends. (I ate some more cheese fries!) David and I stayed out until about 11:30 and then headed back to Ryan's house for some sleep. I was exhausted!!! The next morning we met Shalayna for lunch and did some shopping with her before heading back to Norman. 

It was so great to see everyone! I can't wait until we can all get together again!!!! 

Skye and Thad during the game

Skye and I

We had great seats!

I love all of that orange!!!

Britt and I at Joe's

On a side note, I went back to the doctor today, and Liam is doing great! His heart rate is perfect and his growth is right on track, which we are thankful for. We did get a little bad news...we don't get to go home this year for Christmas. My doctor doesn't want me more than an hour away from the delivery site that close to the due date. I'm a little bummed, because being back in Bartlesville and spending time with family are my favorite parts of the holidays. This will be the first time in my life to miss the big Swaim Family gathering in Missouri. I'm a little sad about it, but I know that the first time I hold Liam, I will completely forget about missing Christmas. He's going to be totally worth it!!!!!

September 29, 2008


Is it too early for me to be nesting? For the last few days all I have wanted to do was clean and make our house look as nice as possible. This is totally not me. Yea, I like to keep my house clean, but I have gone crazy! I spent about two hours working in my kitchen yesterday morning cleaning out cabinets, rearranging drawers, and cleaning the fridge. At 10:00 last night, I was busy mopping the kitchen and entry hall floors...totally missing my new "pregnancy" bedtime of 8:45! For my birthday this year, all I have asked David for is stuff for the dishes, new cutting boards, centerpieces, shelves hung, dish towels, etc. For every other birthday I've begged for things like Uggs, jewelry, a Coach purse, girly things!!! I'm not sure what's going on with me, but let me tell ya...our house looks and smells great!!! : )

I've added some random pics from the last couple of weeks below. Enjoy!!!

23 weeks and 1 day
Ross trying to help his daddy hang my shelves
Ross right after his haircut 
Liam's armoire after only one of Nana's visits

September 8, 2008

Pic of the Bump

A lot of people have been asking why I haven't posted any pics of my bump yet. Well, there are a few reasons why I haven't. The biggest reason being that up until the last week or so, I have been worried that my "baby bump" looked more like a spare tire than a pregnant belly. That was until today. As I walked into the cafeteria at my school, the adorably sweet lady that works in the cafeteria said, as she pointed at my stomach, "Oh look! She brought her watermelon to school with her today!" I was quick to correct her with, "It's not a watermelon yet! It's a cantaloupe!" is the first pic that I have been willing to post.

20 Weeks and 4 Days
Two nights ago I was awakened at 4:30 to Liam practicing his soccer kicks. As I laid in bed motionless, I enjoyed every single movement he made. I couldn't fall back to sleep, because of the awe and excitement I felt for the precious miracle growing inside of me. Man, I am pumped to become a mommy!!!!!!!!!!

September 3, 2008

Our House Guest

So...this morning I start my normal routine. I get out of bed and head downstairs to put Ross outside. As I'm walking, my cat, Bullet, is running back and forth between my feet and the back door, meowing non-stop. As I get close to the door, Bullet meows extremely loudly. I look down at him and notice that I am about to step on something that looks like a shoe string. I jump back and turn on the kitchen light...and learn that the shoe string is a snake!!! I start yelling for David immediately and run back up the stairs to get him. For those of you who don't know David...he does not wake up well. As I'm saying (or yelling), "A snake, a snake, a snake!", he's looking at me like I'm crazy. He finally gets in, "Slow down." So, I calm a little and tell him that there is a snake by the backdoor that may or may not be alive. I continue talking as we go back down the stairs, and David says again, "Slow down and let me figure out what I'm going to do." As he's checking out the snake, Bullet is proudly standing over the snake looking back and forth between the snake and David, meowing. (I think he was saying, "Look what I did!") David pushes Bullet out of the way, and covers the snake with a towel. The snake doesn't move, so David picks it up and throws it outside. End of story for David, who proceeds to go back to bed and falls right to sleep. Not the end for me, though! The rest of the morning I was looking everywhere for another snake...the shower, the couch, the crate, etc. I was freaked out! But, no more snakes have been found. We went out this evening to get a better look at the snake, and there were teeth holes all over the snake. I have never been more thankful and proud of hero and snake killer!!!

On a side most of you probably know, I am a horrible cook! I have even ruined Hamburger Helper before. Right now, all I can successfully cook are tacos, spaghetti, and fettucine alfredo. They're all great, but it gets old eating the same thing over and over again. Because I'm so horrible in the kitchen, David and I eat out almost every night. I know that once Liam arrives, we won't be able to hop in the car and take off to a restaurant anytime we want. So, I'm currently searching for easy recipes! If you have one you would like to share, I'd love to have it!!!

September 1, 2008

Working on the Nursery

My wonderful dad came down this weekend to help David finish putting together Liam's furniture. It was quite interesting watching the two men put the armoire together...without following the instructions step by step and with the lights flickering on and off because of the storm. In the end, it all came together and all three pieces look great!

Papa and Daddy working hard
Right before Daddy's toe got smashed!
Wanna party at my crib?
My awesome armoire!
Lots of diapers to be changed here!

The Big Ultrasound

After waiting for what seemed like forever, my ultrasound and doctor's appointment finally came. The ultrasound was an amazing experience for David and I. As soon as the baby showed up on the screen, it was moving all over the place...thanks to the glass of orange juice I had about an hour before the appointment! (Thanks for the idea, Tiff!) It was incredible to see the tiny fingers, toes, legs, etc. It was also exciting to find out the gender. The baby wasn't shy about showing us the goods! It's legs were crossed at the ankles, giving us an easy view of the "third leg"...Yep, IT'S A BOY!!! Here are some pics of Baby Liam. I hope you enjoy!
Liam's profile
Liam's leg
Liam's tiny feet
Liam's tiny fingers 
It's definitely a boy!!!