July 19, 2010

Family Pics

Last year for our anniversary and Liam's 6-month, our good friends, Chris and Tiffany of Pirtle Photo, took some pictures for us. At that time they were "just practicing". Well, the pics they took were amazing. So, when we found out that they would be in town from Amarillo and had some time to do another shoot for us, we jumped at the opportunity!

I tried my hardest to narrow down the amount of pictures for this post, but I just couldn't do it. So, here ya go...all 12 of my favorites! (I could have posted many more, but I didn't want to bore y'all too much!)

I love urban, grungy photos with graffiti in the background!
Liam looks more like his dad everyday.

Mama's boy....he's gotten really attached this summer! Going back to school is going to be so hard. On both of us.
My loves!!!!!!!!!

I adore that grin. I could just eat him up!

Pretty sure this one will be blown up nice and big and hung over a fireplace or something. I love it!

Or maybe I'll blow this one up and hang it....I can't decide!
I seriously can't compliment Chris and Tiffany's photography talents enough. I am so thankful they were willing to spend time with us, taking beautiful pics of our family!

To wrap things up, here are a few other things I loved from the shoot....

Did anyone else notice that the shirt Liam wore was totally messed up...the plaids are going different directions? Seriously, Target?!?!?!
Chris and Tiffany have a little boy, Eli, who is about a month younger than Liam. They brought him to the shoot, which was wonderful for getting some smiles out of Liam! I think these two could be good friends.
And then there's this one....not sure what happened that caused David to make that face. All I can guess is that is must have been pretty outrageous! As soon as I saw this one, I died laughing! Did someone behind the photographer drop their pants or something?!?! lol!!!
Thank you, Chris and Tiffany, again for taking these amazing pictures. We love them all!!!

July 18, 2010

18 month pics (a month late)

On Liam's 18-month birthday, my awesome friend, Casey, and I headed to Reeves Park to do a mini shoot and let our boys play. Liam had a ton of fun, even though you can't really tell in many of the pics from that day. He was not in a smiley kind of mood, which really isn't abnormal for him. Any time we are not in his normal environment, he is very serious....kind of like his dad! Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day.....
This might be my favorite from the day, because it has not one, but TWO of my favorite boys in it!

So serious!

Finally, a sweet smile!
Thanks, Casey, for taking some great pics of my precious boy! We had fun playing with you. Can we do it again soon?!?!

July 10, 2010

Fun with Uncle "Ish" and Aunt Layna

We have had so much fun the past couple of days with these two! Shalayna and Bryan came to stay with us for a couple of nights so they could go to Frontier City.
Liam loves playing with his Aunt Layna and Uncle "Ish". (We call him that because he works at the aquarium. He and Liam share a love for fish! :) Liam follows Aunt Layna all over the house yelling after her, "Layna! Layna!" Believe it or not, Layna was one of his first words. He loves that girl!
We went to dinner at Cheddar's last night. Of course, Liam had to go look at the fish. Bryan was happy to go along. He is so good with Liam. I sure hope Layna decides to keep him around! ;)
Bryan is a huge Angel's fan. We aren't. He thought it was pretty funny when he put his Angel's hat on Liam. BLAH! But Liam sure does look cute in it!!!
I don't know what Liam was looking at in this pic, but he refused to look at the camera.
I'm really working on taking pictures that have David and I in them. I love my family and I love pictures with all three of us!!!
Did you notice the new hair color? I decided since it was go natural or go bald (my hair was that damaged!), I'd go ahead and go back to my natural color. I think I like it...I'm still getting used to it. :)

July 6, 2010

Fourth of July weekend

We had such an amazing time this weekend, but it was busy and went by too fast! We went to Bartlesville Friday night. Papa had some Snaps for Liam. Even though it was raining, they popped some of them off on the front porch before we headed to Missouri to spend time with my extended family.
It rained almost the entire time we were in Missouri, but that didn't slow down Liam. He loved playing in the rain! David and I started out being a little overprotective (we're working on that!), but once we relaxed, Liam had so much fun and ran around non-stop!
As if the rain wasn't enough, Uncle Garold had to get out the water hose!
Then, Liam discovered the water coming from the gutters. He ended up SOAKED!
He loved chasing down the balls, but wasn't very good at sharing them. :(
This picture cracks me up. My uncle was trying to show Liam how to kick the ball. He looks like he's listening so intently!
On Sunday, we went to David's sister's apartment in Jenks. She lives right by the Riverwalk, where Jenks was shooting off their fireworks. We took Liam to the pool at her apartment complex. I think everyone with us had bought Liam a pool toy. He wasn't having it!
This was the ONLY smile we could get out of him while we were at the pool.
This is the farthest he would go in the water. He was very serious the whole time we were there. He played in the water, but only from the top step.
David tried really hard to get Liam deeper into the water. It didn't work!!!
The next morning we went to see Shalayna's boyfriend, Bryan, at the Aquarium. Liam is really into fish right now. We didn't have our stroller, so we put his leash on him and let him run. He had so much fun running from tank to tank!
I love these two!!!
Nana and Papa had just bought Finding Nemo for Liam to watch at their house. I wonder if he remembered seeing the movie when he was looking at these fish....
After looking at fish for a while, we went to Los Cabos for lunch. YUMMY! Liam was so tired and fussy, but wearing Dada's sunglasses made him a happy boy!
Sorry for the abundance of pictures. When I was picking out which pics I wanted to post, I realized I wasn't in ANY of them and there were only a few of David. I think we need to work on that. I know we want to capture every moment of Liam's life, but I also know that I'll regret not having more pics with us in them!!!!