August 22, 2009

Bath Time Fun

Liam recently took his last bath in the sink. Ever since he went swimming for the first time, bath time has turned into so much fun for him. He splashes, kicks and makes a huge mess the entire time he's in the water. The messes got so big that we decided to move bath time to the bath tub. Here are some pics of Liam's last bath in the sink.
He loves to chew on his rubber ducky's beak!

Daddy got soaked!!!!!!

Liam's Laptop

Sorry it has been so long since I've blogged. Life has been a little crazy since it's the beginning of the year and poor Liam has been so sick! He visited the doctor 3 times and the ER twice. He just had a virus, but it lasted forever and he ended up getting pretty dehydrated. It was also very contagious...David, myself and my mom who came to help all got sick also. It was no fun!!! Here are some pics that were taken before we all got sick.

Nana bought Liam this laptop a couple of weeks ago and he loves it!!! He plays with it all the time.

Liam is getting closer and closer to crawling everyday. I know that when he starts scootin' around, our lives will never be the same!

August 10, 2009

More Florida Fun

The day after the wedding we headed to the beach. Liam hated it! David hung out with him on the beach while Shalayna and I played in the water for a little while. After about an hour...Liam was done! He was a fussy mess. As soon as we walked away from the water, he was fine again.

Here he is all ready for the beach...notice the smile!
Uncle Barry and Liam sporting their Eskimo Joe's shirts...
And...the smile is gone! After this pic was taken, we headed back to the condo for a bath and some play time.
Here Liam is with the Hooter's girl during his first ever visit to Hooter's. I love, love, love the fried pickles and wings at Hooter's, so we visited the one on the board walk in Pensacola. The waitress was ok with taking a pic with Liam until he gave her a big, slobbery kiss...tongue and all! She kind of flipped out! haha!!!
Doesn't he look like such a big boy in the umbrella stroller!?!? I didn't realize how big he was getting until we put him in this.
We had so much fun in Florida and can't wait for our next family vacation...hopefully to D.C.!

Skye and Thad's Wedding

Skye and Thad's beach wedding couldn't have been more beautiful! They are an amazing couple and I wish them many years of happiness (and babies)! Haha!!! Their wedding was perfect...the perfect couple, weather and scenery. Maybe when David and I renew our vows someday, we'll head to the beach to do it! (hint, hint!!!)

The handsome groom and I before the wedding...
Skye and I at the condo...
Does she not make a beautiful bride?!?!
During the ceremony...(Yep, that's David performing the ceremony. In Florida anyone can marry you as long as a notary is present!)
With the adorable flower girl, Sabrey...
One of my favorites!
My little family after the ceremony...(Liam was miserable! Not only was it after his bedtime, but some one (not ME, of course) decided it would be fun to put his feet in the water. He flipped out and fussed the rest of the time we were at the beach.)
Back at the condo...
Congrats, Skye and Thad! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your big day!!!

August 9, 2009

Dolphin Cruise

While we were in Pensacola, I wanted to go on a dolphin cruise so bad! Finally on our last day there, we found a cruise that had 3 spots open. It was so amazing! We decided to leave Liam behind, since every time he got near the ocean he lost it. We missed him, but I really don't think he would have enjoyed two hours on the water! Instead of going on the cruise, Liam got to hang out with Uncle Barry. It was Barry's first babysitting experience (I had to show him how to change a diaper before we left!), but Liam was alive and well when we got back to the condo, so I guess Uncle Barry figured out the babysitting thing!

Once we made it to the bay, the only dolphins we saw were about 50 yards away. Then the captain put the boat at a high, constant speed and the dolphins started playing in the wake. They were so quick, it was hard to get a good pic of them. Here are the two best ones I got.

On the way we passed Fort Pickens. The next time we go to Pensacola, we will definitely tour the fort.
Shalayna, David and I on the boat.
David and Shalayna on the way back...can you tell they're related?!?!

New Orleans

We decided to leave Florida a day early, so that we could stop in New Orleans on the way home. Liam was so exhausted from our vacation that he slept the entire way from Pensacola to New Orleans.
We decided to eat some Cajun food at Pat O'Briens on Bourbon Street. I ordered pasta and David ordered Jumbalaya. His food was so much better than mine that I ate half of his plate!
My favorite part of New Orleans was The Hotel Monteleone I was so excited to see it because I love the movie, Double Jeopardy, with Ashley Judd, and The Hotel Monteleone was in the movie.
This is the bar inside the Monteleone. It rotated very slowly...I loved it!
Overall, I wasn't a huge fan of New Orleans, especially Bourbon smelled really bad. I'm sure we'll visit again some day though, because there is so much more to see than what we were able to see during our 3 hours there.