October 28, 2010

Sad day

Yesterday was a very sad day for our family. Maudie went to a new home. We hated doing it, but we didn't have a choice. A few months ago, Liam started having mild reactions anytime he would touch her. As time passed, the reactions worsened to the point that his entire face was red and blotchy. Last Friday, he had a horrible reaction. So, we knew it was time. We love Maudie, but Liam's health is much more important. A sweet couple came last night to meet her and they took her to her new home.

Our house seems so empty to me without a 55 pound dog on my heels. Liam hasn't noticed that she's gone yet. I dread the moment when it hits him. He loved her so much!
I was having a really hard time with giving Maudie away, and we didn't want Liam to see her go. Thankfully, Casey let us come over and play while the couple came over to meet Maudie.

Liam had so much fun playing with Owen! The boys worked really hard at painting their pumpkins!

After they finished painting, a bath was a must. Liam is going through a phase and doesn't like to bathe. I hoped that seeing Owen enjoy his bath would help. No such luck. He splashed around for about 30 seconds and wanted out.

Thank you, Casey, for letting us come over to play!!!!

On a positive note, Liam's sitter had to be in court today, so I had to take a personal day to stay home with him. We have big plans of meeting David for lunch and playing all day long! I love personal days!!!!!!!!

October 22, 2010

Orr Family Farm Fun

Warning....this post has way too many pictures!

Yesterday my mom and I took Liam to Orr Family Farm. It was crazy busy. We had to wait in line for 40 minutes to even get in the gate. We ended up having so much fun, even though there were tons of people. Here are the highlights from our trip....

We started out at the pony rides. I just knew Liam would be so excited to ride a pony. I was wrong. We tried twice. Both times, the sweet girl working the pony rides ended up giving us our $3 back.
After the pony ride failure, it was off to pet the animals, which Liam loved.

The farm had several areas set up just for picture taking.
Liam thought the horses were pretty cool until one reached over the fence and gave him a kiss.
It was at this point in our trip that Liam first noticed the choo-choo. He didn't care about anything else. All he wanted to do was ride the choo-choo. He wouldn't even go down the slide at the hay mountain. It took a lot of convincing, but he did walk through the tunnel.
Look at that serious face! I'm sure he was thinking, "Take me to the choo-choo!"

He wasn't even distracted by the play ground. He was on a mission to get to the choo-choo!
Once we go in line for the choo-choo, he got scared because it was so loud!
Finally on the choo-choo! He was such a happy boy! He wouldn't sit on either of our laps. He wanted to sit all by himself.

After the choo-choo ride, Mom took Liam on the carousel. He didn't like it. At all. Mom asked him if he was having fun, and he responded very grumpily, "No."
Can't you just see the misery in his face?!?! (Or was it exhaustion?)
Since he loved it so much the first time, we decided to go back to pet the animals again before we left. Liam was braver this time and had a lot more fun.
At one point, we were the only ones in the barn, so the nice boy working gave us food to feed the animals and let us go in the cage with the pig.

On the way out, we stopped for a photo op!

Liam wanted to hug the pumpkin.
This picture cracks me up! Does he not look so ornery?
Liam was asleep before we got out of the parking lot. All of the fun wore him out! He slept through some errands I needed to run and was in bed 30 minutes early last night. He was awake this morning for a couple of hours, but is already down for his daily nap. Hopefully he'll be caught up on sleep when he wakes up because there is more fun to be had today!!!!!

October 19, 2010

Sweet boy

There hasn't been much going on around here lately. Having a baby who is a little under the weather really slows down life. Liam stopped throwing up early Sunday morning and was feeling a lot better by Sunday afternoon. He has been fine since then, but he seems to still be a little tired. We're all tired. I guess missing almost an entire night's sleep will do that to you. Anyways, since there hasn't been much going on, I thought I'd take this opportunity to blog about some of the funny, sweet, and cute things Liam has been doing lately.

-About two days ago, Liam started repeating "thank you" any time he heard it. Tonight while we were doing a little grocery shopping, we ripped into a bag of Cheeto's (something I said I'd never do...ha!). Every time I would hand Liam a Cheeto, he would say, "Tain tu." Melt. My. Heart!

-He finally says "please". I don't know how it happened, but for the last 8 months, Liam has associated saying "please" with giving kisses. So, anytime he'd want something and we would ask him to say "please", he'd give us a kiss or blow us a kiss. Well, I finally got him to say it with a little song that goes, "Please, please please." He says it all the time now!

-The other night we all went to the lake. The boys walked while I ran. When I met back up with them, Liam wanted to give running a try. So, we took off. He is so funny when he runs. He hunches over and pumps his arms as fast as he can. He takes it soooo seriously, but looks so funny at the same time!

-Just tonight, Liam started saying, "Kay." I always say things like, "Liam, let's go let Maudie in, okay?" Well, I said that tonight and he responded with, "Kay."

-He is going through a train phase right now. Every night when he is ready for bed, he says, "Choo choo." He picks out one train and off to bed he goes. He tucks the train under his chin, blankie under one arm and Arf-arf under one arm. He then says to David and I, "Bye!"

-He says "ewwwww" all the time. This morning I knocked our blender off of a shelf and it shattered. (Have I mentioned that I'm a mess in the kitchen?!?!) He wanted to "help" me clean up the mess. I finally told him that the glass was gross, and he just stood there pointing and saying, "Ewwww. Ewwww."

Is it possible that my baby is really 22 months old? We're getting so close to not being able to say how many months old he is. It'll be years instead. I don't think I'm ready for that!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before Fall Break. I can't wait! My mom is coming into town and we have so many fun things planned. And, I'll have lots to blog about over the next few days!!!

October 16, 2010

A lazy Saturday

This first picture was taken last night. Liam loves crawling into the backseat of our cars and hanging out while we listen to music. Last night we decided to buckle him in and he was so happy about it! He just waved bye to which ever one of us was standing at the window. He was ready for a road trip! Haha!!!
Now, on to our lazy Saturday. We woke up kind of early to take Liam in for his flu shot. His doctor hosted a clinic today just for the flu shot. It was wonderful! We were in and out in 5 minutes. Here's a pic of Liam and I before heading to his doctor. We were ready for the OSU game!!!
Can you tell who picked out Liam's clothes today?
Uncle Barry bought Liam this cart from Ikea when we were in Texas. He usually pushes his animals around in it. Today, he decided he wanted to be pushed around. Then, he tipped it and almost broke his arm. Lesson learned!!!
While David finished watching the Ranger's game, I took Liam to the park. He had a ton of fun swinging.
He also loved watching the big kids play tag.
He made me so nervous when he was climbing up and down these steps. I must learn to relax!
After the park, we walked down to the lake to see the ducks. The ducks at our neighborhood lake are so used to people that as soon as they saw us, they swam over to where we were standing. I flipped out and scooped Liam up as soon as they stepped out of the water and started coming at us. I'm ready for this bird phase to end. They seriously freak me out!!!
As we walked home, David came out to meet us and pointed out the beautiful sunset.
The perfect end to the perfect day!!!!

October 11, 2010

A day without Mommy

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit!!! David had the day off of work for Columbus Day, so they came down late last night to spend the day with David and Liam. I'm sooooo sad that I missed out on all the fun. (And sad that I wasn't around when Liam's clothes were chosen. David is color blind, so please forgive the fact that Liam doesn't match in any of the pictures!!!)

First up for the foursome was breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We frequent Cracker Barrel since they're peanut free and delicious! After breakfast, Grandma wanted to go to Toys R Us to pick out Liam a new toy. They decided on a portable train set. Liam loves it! It's perfect because the track doesn't come apart!!!

After Toys R Us, they were off to the duck pond. Anytime we have old, extra bread we make a trip to the duck pond, and today was the perfect day to go!
Apparently the ducks and geese were extremely hungry. There are several pictures with up to fifty feathered creatures surrounding them.
After the duck pond, it was nap time for Liam. He fought going down, but some cuddles from Grandma took the fight right out of him!!!
After Liam woke up, he convinced everyone to go outside and to take several of his toys. He had so much fun playing with his grandma and grandpa. Grandpa pulled Liam up and down our street in his wagon.
It looks like someone might have played peek-a-boo with him for a bit!
After Grandma and Grandpa left, we went to the mall to pick up Liam a white button up and a tie. It's almost family picture time again!!!

October 10, 2010

Our weekend in pictures

Busy weekends full of travel and activities are so much fun, but there's something about staying in Norman and having a lazy weekend that is just wonderful! This weekend we did just that. The only plans we had was to go to a birthday party. It was bliss!!!!

Saturday we went to my best friend's niece's birthday party. Liam was so excited to get around and to go see Payslie. He even tried to put his own shoes on! (These are not the shoes that Liam ended up wearing. I packed the sandals I wanted him to wear and snuck them on him while he was sleeping. Liam - 1 Mama - 1!!!)

After we got around, David snapped a quick picture of Liam and I.
All Payslie wanted for her birthday party was a chocolate cake and a pinata. Liam had to take a swing at the pinata. I'm pretty sure he never made contact!
Liam loved playing in Payslie's house. He went from door to window to the other window yelling out at everyone.
When we got home, Liam had to try on one of my sleep shirts. This shirt once belonged to my dad, was passed down to David, and now I sleep in it. Seeing this shirt on Liam kind of put into perspective just how skinny Liam is. His entire body could fit through the neck hole!
We got a Toys R Us flyer in the mail yesterday. Liam went crazy over the train sets. I'm talking wouldn't put down the flyer most of the night crazy! So, first thing this morning, we went on the hunt for the perfect (small) train set and came home with this.....
Liam had a lot of fun taking the tracks apart.
There was also some of this.....
Daddy tried really hard to explain to Liam that we don't crash the trains or take apart the tracks. It didn't work.
So, we downsized! We put all of the extra pieces back in the box and we'll get them out when Liam's a little older.
I think our little conductor was tired from all of the train hunting and conducting he had done.
After Liam's nap, he helped me stir the sauce for the baked ziti I made tonight. It was delicious!
Not only did we have baked ziti, but we also had artichoke dip and fried pickles...my favorite! I'm stuffed and ready to continue being lazy for the rest of the night!!!