May 28, 2009

And he's out!!!

This is Liam loving his dinner of squash...

His belly is starting to get full...

His belly is so full that he's thinking about taking a nap...

And he's OUT!!!

Our "Future President"...falling asleep on the job!!!

Memorial Day Weekend

We started the weekend by moving. After lots of thought and consideration, we decided to rent for two more years (while David gets his Masters), because we aren't sure if we'll stay here when he finishes the program. We found a beautiful, brand new house that we are renting from the builder. Since we are renting from the builder, we were able to sign a lease with a purchase option at the end, so that if we end up staying in Norman, we won't have to look for a house to buy. We'll just buy this one. I love, love, love it! I'll post some pics once I have everything in order. With an infant in the house...who knows when that will be!!! Thank you mom and dad for helping us move and helping take care of Liam throughout the moving process!

On Memorial Day, we went to a cookout at my good friend, Karen's, house. Karen has a beautiful pool in her backyard, so we thought it would be the perfect time to try out Liam's swimsuit. Although he looked adorable in his suit, he hated the water and never got more than his feet wet!!!

This pic was taken before we tried putting him in the water...still a happy baby!

This is when he started screaming.

Karen tried to calm him to get him further into the water, but he wouldn't stop screaming!

Finally back in mommy's arms and over dry land! Does he look adorable in those shades or what?!?!?

Yummy, yummy!

On the same day David graduated, Liam turned 5 months! He got to celebrate by eating some yummy carrots, although I'm not so sure he thought of it as a celebration!!!

I had to put an OSU bib on him, because I had enough crimson at the graduation! Ha!!!
A few days later, Liam tried some green beans. He LOVED the green beans so much that he tried to eat what was left on his bib! Ha!!!

David is finished with law school!!!

David graduated from OU Law on May 16th! Our weekend was filled with events surrounding the graduation. Here are some highlights of our weekend.

The night before the commencement, the law school hosted a reception for the graduates and their families. My mom and Grandma made it into town in time to go with us. We spent some time touring the law school and then eating some yummy food. This is a pic of our little family sitting at the judge's bench in the Bell Courtroom.
Friday night the 3L class hosted a graduation party at La Luna. David and I had asked my mom months in advance if she would mind keeping Liam at the hotel with her, so that we could go to the party and not worry about getting home at any certain time. Of course, she jumped at the opportunity to have Liam to herself all night long! I don't have any pics from the party, because... I didn't go and David only went for an hour to work the door as the Class Treasurer! We decided to sleep instead of partying!!!! Although I missed Liam the entire night and probably missed out on some fun at the party, it was wonderful to get a full night's sleep!

This is a pic of Liam waiting for his daddy's graduation to start. Please notice that he is wearing an adorable sweater vest over a white polo, which matches the plaid pants he is wearing! (You'll know why I'm pointing this out in a second.)
And the moment David had worked so hard for...getting hooded. (Sorry it's so dark!) I was bursting with pride during the ceremony. I actually teared up thinking about how hard David has worked to get his law degree and how much we had been through to get to this point.
Our family after the graduation. Notice that Liam no longer matches! As soon as the ceremony was over, we took the sweater vest and polo off to surprise David with Liam's onesie that says, "My daddy graduated from OU Law!!!" It was the cutest thing ever! (You have to check out!)
My dad, brother, mom and grandma
David's dad, sister, niece, nephew, mom, grandma and sister
CONGRATS, DAVID!!! I am so proud of you!!!