April 21, 2009

Some recent pics

Sorry I haven't updated lately! When I get home from work, all I want to do is hang out with my little man. I know there are some grandmas out there that are having some serious Liam with drawls, so here are some pics for ya!

Yesterday Liam and I went on a walk with Casey and Owen. Liam borrowed one of Owen's hat, so that he wouldn't get a sunburn. Isn't he adorable in it?!?! I sure think so!

Love those eyes and those lips!!! I could just eat him up!!!

Liam and I sporting our orange...too bad the Cowboys lost their game that day.

This was the day that Liam had his last RSV shot. Once again, he took it like a champ! The home health nurse always came to our house to give him the shot, so we had a "Biohazard" container stored in our cabinets. It was great to finally be able to throw it away! Liam suffered his first stuffy nose and ear ache this last week. I think he's finally feeling better, because he's starting to eat more. He loves his new formula and can't get enough of it!!!

These are the flowers David got me my first week back to work. They were beautiful and made a tough week a little less tough.

My new favorite flower...a Gerber Daisy.

Hanging out in his Bumbo. It's amazing how much he is changing. Everyday that passes, Liam seems a little more alert. His personality is starting to come out, and let me tell ya...he is a talker! (He totally gets that from his daddy!)