March 17, 2009

3 Months Old?!?!?

Where does the time go? It does not seem possible that my little man turned 3 months old yesterday. He is growing so much! The sleeper he has on in this pic used to be way too big for him, now it's officially too small, and won't be worn again. :(
We finally decided it was time to take Liam into public. Here he is on the way to the mall...
And here he is after the mall. I guess the shopping wore him out!
In an attempt to eat at the dinner table at the same time, we gave Liam's convertible highchair a try. I guess he liked it, because he fell asleep as soon as we buckled him in, giving David and I a chance to enjoy a quiet dinner together!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

You can't tell in this picture, but Liam is definitely a "wee bit o' irish" with his reddish hair! Thank you, Uncle Barry, for the St. Patty's Day shirt!!!
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the beautiful Spring day, we decided to take Liam to the duck park. We didn't stay too long, because it was VERY windy. Here are a couple of quick pics we snapped before we left.

March 14, 2009

Pics with Yoda!

Liam and I went to have his 3 month pics taken by a good friend and decided to throw in some Easter pics while we were at it. Apparently the bunnies get really mean by Easter because of all of the kiddos pulling and chewing on their ears, so I guess it's best to have the pics taken early. The first three pics are with the super sweet bunny, Yoda. Yoda really likes to be the center of attention because, as you can see...he kind of takes over! Luckily, Liam is accustomed to little fuzzy creatures crawling around him (our dog, Ross, loves to be near Liam), so the bunny didn't scare him at all. I love this first pic! Yoda and Liam are posing perfectly!
Yoda starting to take over...
Where's Liam?!?! You can see my hand in the top of the pic grabbing for Yoda. Liam took it like a champ!
I love Liam's outfit! He's such a little man!
This one is my favorite from the day.
Liam did NOT like having the bunny on his back...or was it being on his tummy he didn't like?
At this point, Liam is yelling for HELP!!!
I guess the bunnies wore Liam out, because this is what he did when we got home and throughout most of the night. He is such an angel!!!

March 13, 2009

What have we been up to?

Hanging out with this guy! We got bored last week and pulled out the Bumbo chair. Of the ten pictures I took, this is the only one where he doesn't look miserable. I actually think he looks pretty cute sitting in his Bumbo!
A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my best friend, Skye's, 30th birthday. My mom came into town to watch Liam, so that we could go to dinner at Soleil with Skye and her family. We had lots of yummy foods and some adult conversation. It was great for David and I to be able to leave the house together for once! Here's a pic of our family before we left for dinner.
Liam finally fits into the outfit we had planned to bring him home from the hospital in!!! We had a hard time choosing the perfect outfit at first. David wanted crimson, and of course I wanted ORANGE. So, we met in the middle and chose an Eskimo Joe's shirt, since that is where we met. Unfortunately, the shirt was a lot too big for him to wear home from the hospital. But, he looks great in it now that he is a TEN pound baby. Yep, that's right...Liam now weighs 10 pounds, 3 ounces. Check out those cheeks and semi-fat rolls on his legs in this pic!!! He is just scrumptious!!!