October 2, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

I celebrated another amazing birthday yesterday! It was the perfect day that involved sleeping in, hanging out with my boys, my brother coming into town, taking a nap, and a delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Liam can't eat a Cheesecake Factory because of his peanut allergy, so a sweet friend volunteered to watch him while we went out to an adult dinner with my bestie, Skye, and some of her family. We took a couple of pics before we left. I love how precious Liam looks in this first pic. Seriously...look at those rosy cheeks. And those eyes. And those lips. Does it get any cuter?!?!
I just love my little family! (Even in their Sooner gear!)
I'm looking forward to another great year!!! I think it's going to be a fun one!!!!!

Fair Fun

We have spent our fair share of time at fairs lately. We've gone to the Cleveland County Fair twice and to the Oklahoma State Fair twice. All four times we had a blast!

We had never gone to the Cleveland County Fair, and I was so surprised at how big it was! They had every farm animal imaginable for us to hold or pet. I loved the rabbits and the chicks the most! And I may have asked David if I could take home one of the piglets. ;)

After we petted several animals, Liam wanted to ride in the barrels. He's always soooo serious when he goes on any kind of ride!
He absolutely loved the fire truck and didn't want to get out of it when it was time to go.
And now for the reason we made our first trip to the Cleveland County Fair.....Liam entered a bug collection with his daycare. He was sooooooo proud of his bug collection and his ribbon!
I don't do bugs. I actually tell my students that if they bring a bug near me they will lose recess for the rest of the year. Haha! Thanks to Daddy, Uncle Bryan, Nana, and Papa, Liam ended up with plenty of bugs. He even had enough to share with some of his friends!
Here is a pic of the entire Sparkle Kids entry. I just love that Liam's sitter does these kinds of things with the kiddos. It's a lot of extra work for her, but so appreciated by the parents!
I took a personal day to go to the Oklahoma State Fair with Liam's daycare to see Toy Story 3 on ice. Liam was so excited!
He was super surprised to see Mickey and his friends there!

He loves Slinky Dog!

And his current obsession is with getting the bad guy, Zurg.

I think this was his favorite part of the entire show.
After watching Toy Story 3, we ventured out into the fair. Liam had so much fun playing with his friends and I loved seeing him interact with them! He was able to "plant" seeds.
He got to "pick" potatoes.
And, he got to pet some more animals. This bunny was so soft!
We went back to the Oklahoma State Fair on Saturday with my mom and dad. For some reason, the pictures from that day have gone missing from my computer. :( But, we had a blast and ate some YUMMY fair food!!!!!

A couple of funnies for us to remember...

Every morning as we're leaving the house, Liam tries to get as many toys in the car with us as I will let him. Last week we had gone through all of the normal "I need Buzz with me", "Please can I have my blankey?", "Mommy, I need my blocks, please?" After saying no to all of those sweet requests, Liam began rubbing his eye and said, "My eye has an ouchie. I neeeeeed an iPad." Haha!

Every morning Liam requests a b-nana (banana) and milk. Last week before a visit from Nana and Papa, Liam sat in our bed eating his banana and said, "I'm eating a b-nana. B-nana and Papa!" He then laughed hysterically at his own joke.

During Nana and Papa's visit, Liam was struggling a bit with his...ahem.....bowel movements. After sitting on the potty and finally having a bowel movement, he said, "Ahhhhhhhh....I have diaper rash!"

Man....this boy cracks me up!