May 31, 2011

Mother's Day

I had the best Mother's Day this year! We started the day out with breakfast made by Bryan and then we had a delicious lunch at Los Cabos. I was so excited that not only was I able to spend the day with the baby who made me a mama, but my mom AND David's mom were both able to spend a big part of the day with us as well. It worked out perfectly!

Liam loved the mariachi band at Los Cabos. I mean loved. He has a new found love for guitars. The band kept his attention from the moment they started playing until the moment we left the restaurant.
After lunch we did a mini-photo shoot behind the Riverwalk. All of those who were in attendance can thank me later for not posting the photos that were taken in front of the water fall. Let's just say the sun in our eyes and crazy wind did not make for the perfect photo op! Here are a few that did turn out pretty good from behind the water fall....
Before I forget, I want to congratulate Shalayna and Bryan on their engagement! We are so happy for you two!!!
You can tell just how windy it was in this pic of Liam and I, but I needed to post a pic of my baby and I from Mother's Day regardless of how I look!

I was spoiled this Mother's Day with a new MacBook Pro and I love it! Liam also gave me a hand-painted flower pot with a yellow flower and a rose. But, I think my favorite gift of all was this sweet note that he brought home from his sitter's. Click and read!
Isn't it sad that my 2-1/2 year old is already implying that I need to work on my cooking skills?!?! Haha!!!!

May 30, 2011

Oh my!

I am way behind on blogging. I uploaded the pictures from my camera and I had 153 pictures on there. I don't think I've ever been that far behind on uploading pictures! Oops! As usual, life has been busy with the end of the year and such.'s time to get caught up!

A few weeks ago David and I had a birthday party to go to (Happy 21st Shalayna!), so we took Liam to spend the night with my mom. (My dad was in Texas for the weekend.) Before we left for the party, we went to the Safari Zoo in Caney, KS. This place is so cool! You get so much closer to the animals than you do at the regular zoo. We had SO much fun! Here are a few pics from our visit.....

I loved this wolf! He was so sweet to our tour guide....just like a domestic dog!
These cats loved chicken!
This was our tour guide who got up close and personal with all of the animals. He's a pretty tall man, but look at the height of this tiger when standing on her back legs!
Beautiful. I can think of no other words for this one.
And my favorite thing of all.....the baby lemur! Oh my preciousness! (That's a word, right?)
And my least favorite thing of all.....the snake. YUCK!
And what's a trip to Nana's without some kind of yummy, chocolatey treat? Oh the mess!!!!
Thanks, Mom, for watching our sweet boy so we could have a fun night out!!!