September 3, 2011

Trip to Stilly

Last weekend Aunt Layna, Uncle Bryan and Grandma Dye came to visit. They stayed with Liam on Friday while David and I were at work and I know he had so much fun playing with them! On Saturday the big kids headed to Stillwater for a going away party while Liam stayed home with Grandma. Here are some pics of the four of us before heading to Eskimo Joe's.

The going away party was bittersweet. Sweet because we got to spend time with some great friends. Bitter because it was the last time we saw Ryan, David's best friend for years, before he moved. I guess we'll have to plan a trip to the Big Easy to visit him soon!!!!

Last trip to the Kiddie Park

A couple of weekends ago Liam and I made a trip to Bartlesville just to go to the Kiddie Park one last time before it closed for the winter. We were so excited that our cousins, Jaxson and Lukas wanted to meet us there! Their mama, Kristin, and I have been close since we were pretty young. We used to spend weeks together during the summer and now we get to see our babies play together!
This was the first time Liam rode the boats. I was always nervous that he would stand up during the ride since there aren't any straps. Sure enough, he tried to stand up, but sat down as soon as we told him to.
Jaxson was the perfect riding buddy for Liam on the ferris wheel!

The cars and tractors were a hit with Liam and Lukas. Jaxson thought they were a bit boring.

After riding for a while, we decided it was time for a cold treat. Liam LOVED his ice cream! There was so much that I had to finish it off for him. :)
Thank you Kristin, Rick, Jaxson, and Lukas for going to the Kiddie Park with us. We had SO much fun!!!!!

Disney World Day 5: Park Hopper Day

I don't have a single picture of our last day at Disney. Not one. We decided that since it was our last day and we wanted to get as much done as possible, that we wouldn't worry about pictures. Here are the highlights from our final day....

-We started out at The Magic Kingdom. We rode Peter Pan twice...awesome ride! We rode the Buzz Lightyear ride over, and over, and over again, until the line got too long. And, of course, we rode the train one last time.

-After lunch, we headed to Epcot to finish going through the countries. I found some amazing shortbread cookies in England. Yumm-O! We got caught in a downpour.

-We had dinner at Planet Hollywood. Great food!

Our trip was ah-mazing! Other than one MAJOR meltdown, Liam was an angel. (Even on the 21 hour car trip to and from Orlando.) The house we stayed in was beautiful. The food was great. The rides were a blast. The shows were incredible. I could really go on and on about how great our trip was!!!

Disney World Day 4: Hollywood Studios

Universal Studios was the park that we almost skipped and I'm so glad we didn't. Liam got to meet some of his most favorite Disney characters while we were there. We also watched the Disney Jr. show, which had characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny....two of his favorites!

I think this was probably the highlight of the trip for Liam.....

Disney World Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Our day at Animal Kingdom was most definitely my favorite day of the trip!

The safari was my favorite ride.

The Lion King show was hands down my favorite part of our Disney experience! I had chills throughout the entire show!

This might be my favorite picture from the trip......

Liam was so excited to show Pluto his Baby Pluto!

Lots of favorites from our day at Animal wonder it was my favorite day at Disney!

September 2, 2011

Disney World Day 2: Epcot

We spent our second day at Epcot. My favorite part of Epcot was the Finding Nemo ride. I thought it was just so sweet!

After an absolute meltdown, and a loooooong nap, Liam finally cheered up enough to go to dinner at T-Rex in Downtown Disney. We all had so much fun!