June 15, 2011


Liam has been really into dinosaurs lately. Sometimes he thinks they're pretty cool. Sometimes not so much. Yesterday he ran up to me screaming, "I scared! I scared!" When I asked why he was scared he said, "There's a dinosaur outside." I had to look out the window with him to prove that there wasn't actually a dinosaur outside of our house. I decided this was the perfect time to visit the Same Noble Museum of Natural History, so that I could prove to Liam that there is no reason to be scared of dinosaurs.

You can tell in this first picture that Liam wasn't too sure about that dinosaur behind him! Haha!!!
Daddy took his lunch a little early so he could come to the museum with us!!! Aren't these two handsome?!?!
Liam eventually wanted to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs. I think his fear was fading!
The museum is really cool. It has several hands on things for children to do that go with the exhibits. Liam loved making these jaws "chomp" together!
The museum has a HUGE statue of a Mastadon. We took a few pictures under the Mastadon and thought it would be funny if Liam would lay under the foot like he was about to get stomped. He was definitely willing to pose for us!!!
The museum even has a hands on room for children with a "dinosaur dig". Of course Liam had a blast in this room!!!
I'm happy to report that after we left the museum, Liam called Papa to tell him that, "Dinosaurs are big. Dinosaurs nice!" We have successfully conquered the fear of the dinosaur!!!

June 14, 2011

Kaleidoscope Children's Museum

A couple of weeks ago David's mom called to tell us that she had bought us tickets to the Kaleidoscope Children's Museum in Tulsa. We had no idea what Kaleidoscope was, but we were up for spending some time with David's side of the family and it sounded like it would be a fun place to go.

We started out in the "grocery store". Liam was so excited to push a cart that was almost his size. He went straight to the cleaners and started throwing them in his cart. Lol. I think I've created a clean monster!
Then we went to the hospital, which was one of Liam's favorite spots. He is no stranger to taking medicines and having his temperature checked. He made everyone "take their medicine" before we left the hospital.
Logan and Haley liked the jail cell. Can you tell how excited they were to have their picture taken?
My favorite room was the room with the rock wall and the play area. Logan was the first to brave the rock wall while the rest of us played on the slide. He got really good at getting up that wall!
Haley tried it next. She got pretty good at it too!
I was really surprised that Liam was willing to get up on stage and sing into the microphone. He just kept singing "Happy birthday to you" over and over again. He wouldn't perform unless I was up there with him "playing" the guitar.
And then Shalayna, Marybeth and I decided to give the rock wall a try. When we began I thought we were just having a fun, sisterly moment. But, as we were climbing, things started getting a little competitive.
It came down to Shalayna and I. Please notice how she had begun to move to my side of the rock wall.
And she moved even further to my side. I think her strategy was to block me out. (I kid, Shalayna, I kid!)
But in the end, she couldn't go any higher and I was the only one that made it to the top!!! :)
I kind of panicked about how to get down. My repelling turned into me pushing my feet against the wall all the way down to keep my body from banging into it. I repelled until my butt hit the floor!

Thank you, AnnMarie, for taking us to Kaleidoscope! We had a ton of fun!!!!!!!!

The Kiddie Park

My hometown has the coolest amusement park for little ones, The Kiddie Park. All of the rides are perfect for small children and Liam loves them all! My mom and dad have taken Liam twice while he was staying with them and he was so excited to show his daddy and I all of the rides that he loves. First up was a ride with Mommy and Daddy on the train.
Next up, Liam wanted to ride the trucks. We got to The Kiddie Park right after it opened, so Liam was the only one on the trucks and got to pick his favorite color....yellow.
And then it was off to the cars. Liam was the first in line for this ride also, so he got to pick which car he wanted to ride. Of course he picked Thomas!
This next ride is kind of like a roller coaster....a very small roller coaster. Liam would just laugh when going down the hills.
The airplanes made this mama nervous! They went up pretty high and I was so worried that Liam would jump right out, but he acted like a pro and sat perfectly through the entire ride.
Then it was Nana and Papa's turn to ride the train. I have no idea what my dad is laughing at in this pic, but I'm sure it had something to do with Liam being silly.
Liam chose Daddy to ride the carousel with him. I was sooooo relieved. Those things make me so dizzy!
He had to have one more ride on the train before we left. Mommy and Daddy got to ride this time!
I'm so glad Liam loves The Kiddie Park. I remember going there as a kid and it's so fun to watch my baby enjoy it as much as I did!

June 7, 2011

Zoo Trip

The Sunday before Memorial Day we decided to get up and around early for a quick trip to the zoo. We beat the heat and the crowds, and we had a BLAST! Our first stop was the Children's Zoo. This is my favorite part of the zoo. When we arrived, the goats were eating breakfast. Liam was a little hesitant to try to feed them at first.
But, with Daddy's help, he got right down in there.
And finally got a couple of the goats to eat from him.
After the boys finished feeding the goats, we went to see the Larikeets. It was crazy in there! I held the cup of nectar at first and the Larikeets were all over me. Then, I lowered it over Liam's stroller so he could see the birds better and one of the Larikeets knocked the cup out of my hand and into the tray on Liam's stroller. Needless to say, Liam ended up with a close up view of the Larikeets!
The Larikeet on the left in this picture was a little aggressive. When Liam stuck his finger out to touch it, it snapped at him.
After washing our hands, we were off to see the monkeys, which is Liam's favorite part of the zoo.
And then on to the elephants to see the baby elephant for the first time!!! Oh my!!! She is just precious!
I could have watched her interact with her mama for hours. At one point the baby started to walk away from the mama, so the mama got a trunk full of water and sprayed her. I guess that's how elephants handle discipline?
Before we left Liam wanted to ride this cat. He kept telling us to push him. Lol!!!
We wrapped up our fun morning with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then snocones. I think there will be many more zoo trips and snocone stops in our near future! I love summertime!!!