September 29, 2008


Is it too early for me to be nesting? For the last few days all I have wanted to do was clean and make our house look as nice as possible. This is totally not me. Yea, I like to keep my house clean, but I have gone crazy! I spent about two hours working in my kitchen yesterday morning cleaning out cabinets, rearranging drawers, and cleaning the fridge. At 10:00 last night, I was busy mopping the kitchen and entry hall floors...totally missing my new "pregnancy" bedtime of 8:45! For my birthday this year, all I have asked David for is stuff for the dishes, new cutting boards, centerpieces, shelves hung, dish towels, etc. For every other birthday I've begged for things like Uggs, jewelry, a Coach purse, girly things!!! I'm not sure what's going on with me, but let me tell ya...our house looks and smells great!!! : )

I've added some random pics from the last couple of weeks below. Enjoy!!!

23 weeks and 1 day
Ross trying to help his daddy hang my shelves
Ross right after his haircut 
Liam's armoire after only one of Nana's visits

September 8, 2008

Pic of the Bump

A lot of people have been asking why I haven't posted any pics of my bump yet. Well, there are a few reasons why I haven't. The biggest reason being that up until the last week or so, I have been worried that my "baby bump" looked more like a spare tire than a pregnant belly. That was until today. As I walked into the cafeteria at my school, the adorably sweet lady that works in the cafeteria said, as she pointed at my stomach, "Oh look! She brought her watermelon to school with her today!" I was quick to correct her with, "It's not a watermelon yet! It's a cantaloupe!" is the first pic that I have been willing to post.

20 Weeks and 4 Days
Two nights ago I was awakened at 4:30 to Liam practicing his soccer kicks. As I laid in bed motionless, I enjoyed every single movement he made. I couldn't fall back to sleep, because of the awe and excitement I felt for the precious miracle growing inside of me. Man, I am pumped to become a mommy!!!!!!!!!!

September 3, 2008

Our House Guest

So...this morning I start my normal routine. I get out of bed and head downstairs to put Ross outside. As I'm walking, my cat, Bullet, is running back and forth between my feet and the back door, meowing non-stop. As I get close to the door, Bullet meows extremely loudly. I look down at him and notice that I am about to step on something that looks like a shoe string. I jump back and turn on the kitchen light...and learn that the shoe string is a snake!!! I start yelling for David immediately and run back up the stairs to get him. For those of you who don't know David...he does not wake up well. As I'm saying (or yelling), "A snake, a snake, a snake!", he's looking at me like I'm crazy. He finally gets in, "Slow down." So, I calm a little and tell him that there is a snake by the backdoor that may or may not be alive. I continue talking as we go back down the stairs, and David says again, "Slow down and let me figure out what I'm going to do." As he's checking out the snake, Bullet is proudly standing over the snake looking back and forth between the snake and David, meowing. (I think he was saying, "Look what I did!") David pushes Bullet out of the way, and covers the snake with a towel. The snake doesn't move, so David picks it up and throws it outside. End of story for David, who proceeds to go back to bed and falls right to sleep. Not the end for me, though! The rest of the morning I was looking everywhere for another snake...the shower, the couch, the crate, etc. I was freaked out! But, no more snakes have been found. We went out this evening to get a better look at the snake, and there were teeth holes all over the snake. I have never been more thankful and proud of hero and snake killer!!!

On a side most of you probably know, I am a horrible cook! I have even ruined Hamburger Helper before. Right now, all I can successfully cook are tacos, spaghetti, and fettucine alfredo. They're all great, but it gets old eating the same thing over and over again. Because I'm so horrible in the kitchen, David and I eat out almost every night. I know that once Liam arrives, we won't be able to hop in the car and take off to a restaurant anytime we want. So, I'm currently searching for easy recipes! If you have one you would like to share, I'd love to have it!!!

September 1, 2008

Working on the Nursery

My wonderful dad came down this weekend to help David finish putting together Liam's furniture. It was quite interesting watching the two men put the armoire together...without following the instructions step by step and with the lights flickering on and off because of the storm. In the end, it all came together and all three pieces look great!

Papa and Daddy working hard
Right before Daddy's toe got smashed!
Wanna party at my crib?
My awesome armoire!
Lots of diapers to be changed here!

The Big Ultrasound

After waiting for what seemed like forever, my ultrasound and doctor's appointment finally came. The ultrasound was an amazing experience for David and I. As soon as the baby showed up on the screen, it was moving all over the place...thanks to the glass of orange juice I had about an hour before the appointment! (Thanks for the idea, Tiff!) It was incredible to see the tiny fingers, toes, legs, etc. It was also exciting to find out the gender. The baby wasn't shy about showing us the goods! It's legs were crossed at the ankles, giving us an easy view of the "third leg"...Yep, IT'S A BOY!!! Here are some pics of Baby Liam. I hope you enjoy!
Liam's profile
Liam's leg
Liam's tiny feet
Liam's tiny fingers 
It's definitely a boy!!!