January 2, 2012

Family Pics 2011

We had our family pictures taken in October. I didn't want to share them until after we had mailed out our Christmas cards. Pirtle Photo really outdid themselves again! Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot.
Ornery, much?!?!

Oh, that sweet smile!

Love, love, love!

I saved my favorite pic for last. I just LOVE Liam's expression in this picture.
Thanks, Tif and Chris, for taking time out of your trip to Oklahoma to capture these precious moments for us!!!

January 1, 2012

Catch up time!

I've been meaning to update this good ole' neglected blog, but every time I sit down to blog, something else comes up. So, instead of doing several detailed posts about the last 3 months, I'm going to share pics of highlights from the last 3 month. (The pictures somehow uploaded out of order.)

David and I took at trip to New York City in October. David had to go for business, so I tagged along. We had so much fun!
Recognize this building? Yep, it's the Friends building!
We didn't get to go into the actual Memorial since our trip was a last minute thing, but we still visited the site and the church in front of the Memorial.
This was on a building across from our hotel in Chelsea. Love it!
Liam got to "meet" some of the Cars 2 characters when we went to Texas to visit Uncle Barry and to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was such a fun experience!

Liam had his very first gymnastics program. I regret so much not taking my good camera!
I was blown away at how well Liam listened to his teacher!
Liam was so excited to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Pretty sure he was the cutest Buzz ever!
We also celebrated Liam's 3rd birthday (how is that possible?) at Jump Zone. Liam had so much fun with his friends. It was impossible to keep up with him! Of course, his party had to be Toy Story.
These are the best sugar cookies ever!
Poor Liam had a very runny nose the day of his party that turned into a cold the next week.
We also had a wonderful Christmas, but I forgot to take my camera to Bartlesville. :( I'm hoping that someone will post pics on Facebook soon from all of our fun celebrations!

Phew....finally caught up!!! Now we're ready for 2012!!!!!!