July 13, 2011

So, it's summertime and I really have no excuse for not keeping up the blog. I guess we've just been having too much fun for me to find time to blog. When I'm not busy with Liam rescuing animals or "fixing" stuff around the house with his tools, I'm working on stuff for my new second grade class or reading myself. (And let me tell ya, I've read some great books this summer!) Here's a quick update on some of the highlights over the last few weeks. I apologize ahead of time for the overload of pictures. If you are not a grandparent, you may want to move on to something else now!

Thursday before the 4th of July, we met Devin, Aspen and Ayla at the Science Museum. We initially planned to go to the zoo, but with a forecasted high of 106, we decided that finding something to do indoors would be best. I was worried that our babes might be too young for the Science Museum, but they definitely were not. They had a blast!

Liam loved the little firehouse. He could have climbed the stairs and slid down the pole all day long!
This is in the earthquake room. I seriously thought these two would flip when the room started shaking, but instead they thought it was pretty fun!
The mirror maze was my favorite part. Aspen and Liam both ran their heads right into a mirror before we made it out the other end!
This is attempt #564 to get a picture of all three kiddos looking at the camera. SUCCESS!!!! Too bad Aspen looks like she just lost her best friend. Lol!!!
Of course Liam could have watched this train forever!
I think he was getting tired at this point, because when I asked him to sit by me for a picture, he immediately put his head on my lap.
We wrapped up our visit at the Science Museum by going back to the play area. I'm so thankful that we were able to meet up with Devin and her girls before they headed home to D.C.!

Friday before the 4th, Liam and I packed up and headed out to meet my friend, Amanda, and her super hunky son, James, at the Bouncy Barn in Broken Arrow. Amanda takes amazing pictures, so I didn't bother taking out my camera. Hopefully she'll post some of the pics she took at the Bouncy Barn on her blog soon. Hint, hint Bonner!!!!

Friday night we watched the first of 3 firework shows in Bartlesville with my parents. At first Liam wasn't too sure about the loud booms. He eventually got used to the sound and said, "Fireworks pop. Like Pop Goes the Weasel!" So he now refers to fireworks as, "pop goes the weasels".

On the 3rd, we headed to Jenks to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium and to spend the evening at Shalayna and Bryan's apartment. They live right by the bridge where the fireworks are set off, so we have the perfect view of the fireworks.

Since Bryan works at the aquarium, we were able to go up above the shark tanks. Like where they feed the sharks from. I was sooooooooo nervous. There is a red line that you're not supposed to cross, and Bryan stepped over it once with Liam in his arms. I think my heart stopped! If you enlarge this pic of Bryan and Liam you can see the pool of water they're standing right by. Yep, that's where the sharks are.
Once we were back into the aquarium I was able to relax and enjoy myself. Liam was not into the fish during this visit. He was more into running around and burning energy than anything else.

He would seriously not sit still even for a second!
Since we didn't last long at the aquarium, we had time to go back to the apartment and swim. It's so amazing to me how much Liam has changed in a year. Last year on the 4th, he wanted nothing to do with the water. Nothing! This year he loved the water! We went back and forth from the steps to the fountains.

We spun in circles, splashed, and he even started jumping into the water!
After we swam, we ate some delicious food and watched another amazing fireworks show. I don't have a clue how he did it with the fireworks going off only a couple of blocks away, but Liam fell asleep in the middle of the show!

The next day we watched some of the Casey Anthony trial, ate lunch, and picked up some things for Shalayna and Bryan's wedding at David's Bridal before heading back to Bartlesville. We watched our third, and final, fireworks show on the 4th. We had no idea where the fireworks would be shot off from, so my mom, Grandma, Liam and I just picked a spot where there weren't a ton of people. Holy Batman! Talk about the perfect location! The fireworks were directly over our heads. And Liam loved every second of the show!