August 1, 2010

What we've been up to...

We have been crazy busy, and I don't even know what we've been busy doing! I've been awful about taking pictures. But, here are a few of the pictures that I have taken...

I got to baby sit Owen the other day while his mommy had a meeting. These two boys have so much fun playing together! This car kept them entertained almost the entire time Owen was at our house. (Not bad for a $5 garage sale purchase, huh?!?!) Liam loved to push around Owen like his dada pushes him around our house!

It was so funny to watch them both try to fit in the car at once. :)
We've gone on lots of lunch dates with David. The day David gave his final, he had an extra hour for lunch, so we went to the mall. Liam loves playing in the play area there, but I get so overwhelmed with all of the kids....especially the unruly ones!!! (Like the one that went up to Liam and pushed him, or the one that was going down the slide upside down and kicked Liam. Come on, parents? Are you paying any attention to your child?!?!)
Liam and I went to Bartlesville for a few days to spend my mom's birthday with her. She watched Liam for us the day after her birthday, so that David and I could go to Stillwater to Eskimo Joe's anniversary party. We had so much fun!!!

The next pic is of my bestie, Skye, and I at Eskimo Joe's. I met Skye my freshman year when I started working at Joe's and we've been close ever since. We try to meet up in Stillwater at least once a year to "re-live" our college days. Ha! Today is actually Skye and Thad's one year anniversary. To think, one year ago today we were standing on the beach in Florida.......Happy anniversary, guys!
For those of you who don't know, David and I began dating while working together at Joe's. He actually trained me to be a waitress, and asked me out that day. I said, "No!" Ha! I actually said "no" to him at least one more time before I finally caved. I'm so glad I finally gave in!!!

It's always fun to go back to Joe's and see familiar faces. It seemed like working at Joe's was kind of like being in a fraternity or sorority. We all had each other's back and considered one another family.

Liam and Maudie love to watch David while he mows the yard.
Maudie is getting SO big, but these two are still the best of friends. She is still as gentle with him as ever!
Liam update.......We went in for his weigh-in on Thursday. He gained 7 oz. over the month and went from the .19 percentile to the .24 percentile. So, the doctor is going to re-evaluate at his 24-month appointment. I'm so thankful she isn't running tests yet!!! :)

Another quick story about our little man....I took him to the sitter on Friday (I've been doing this once a week so that he won't totally flip when I go back to school). Luckily, I had gone to my school, which is less than 5 minutes from the sitter, to work on my classroom when the sitter called. She told me that Liam was having a reaction to something and that she thought I needed to come get him. She told me that Liam hadn't eaten anything yet even though she had made spaghetti for him, but that she had fed the other kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I got off the phone, locked up my room and rushed to my car. On the way to her house, I was thinking that Liam probably had a few bumps on his face, which is nothing unusual with his sensitive skin. Well, that was definitely not the case! Liam's entire face was red, bumpy and swollen. His little eyes were blood shot and almost completely swollen shut. I was terrified.

The sitter told me that she gave Liam a half of a Benadryl. I immediately knew that if she gave him a half of a pill, that that amount was way too much. So, I grabbed Liam and ran out of her house to go to the ER. By the time we got to the ER, Liam's face looked SO much better. And by the time we got back to triage, Liam's face was back to normal. We went ahead and stayed to see a doctor. The doctor guesses that Liam probably snagged a bite of someone's sandwich and is allergic to peanut butter. But, she also said that it could have been anything. So, we are going to avoid having peanut butter around him at all until we have some allergy testing done.
We were told that having too much Benadryl can cause two drowsiness for hours or total hyperness for hours. Liam was totally HYPER all afternoon. It was crazy watching him run around our house non-stop. He finally crashed at bed-time! David and I crashed, too. Just watching him bounce off the walls wore us OUT! Ha!!!!