July 14, 2012

Last day of swim lessons

Yesterday was Liam's last day of swim lessons for the summer. David took off work, and Nana and Papa came to watch him show off everything he learned! And, Liam really hammed it up for us!

The big deal about the last day of lessons is that all of the kids get to go down the big slide with one of their instructors. Liam somehow managed three trips down the slide. 
 The little girl in the next four pics is Lillian, from Liam's class at Sparkle Kids. This is the same little girl Liam chased down and kissed after the Father's Day Fishing Trip. :) These pictures really show the difference in Lillian and Liam's personalities....Lillian is having a blast as usual, and Liam is serious, as usual!

 He looked miserable each time he came down the slide, but he always came out of the pool begging to go again. Liam had this girl, an instructor in training, wrapped around his little finger. She was always holding his hand or carrying him. One day after lessons, she said, "He is the sweetest 3-year-old I have ever met!" That made this mama's heart happy to hear!
 At the end of class, each child was given a sucker, a progress report, and a free swim pass. Looks like we'll be heading to the pool this week! 

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Skye said...

So fun. He picks friends like you. You are the serious one and i am the fun one! Ha! Although I think in college you were the fun one and I was the serious one.