October 27, 2012

Hello, Fall!!!

We are so happy to welcome fall this year! After a long, hot summer, we are loving the cooler temps. And, along with cooler temps come boots, sweaters, and jackets....all high on my list of favorite things! 

My lucky husband recently went on a trip to Madrid, Milan, Paris, and Frankfurt for work. Although I was crazy jealous that he was getting to go to all of these amazing places, I loved my time alone with Liam. He always becomes more of a mama's boy when daddy is away!

 Before David left for his almost two week trip, he took a couple of days off to spend with us during our Fall Break. We took full advantage of these days and had so much fun! We spent most of Thursday at Orr Family Farm. I just love this place. There's always so much to do!

Could these two be any more handsome?!?!

 The train ride was a little bit chilly, so we had no other choice but to cuddle up! Of course, I didn't mind the cuddles!!!

These goats were hilarious! If they thought you had food, they were all up in your business!

Liam loved climbing the hay!

 And loved coming down the slides even more! I was so surprised that he was willing to go down these huge slides by himself. He is just growing up way too fast. He will be four in less than two months. FOUR! Where in the world have the last few years gone?

We are having our family pictures taken this afternoon. Here's to hoping for awesome smiles and slimming angles! ;)


LB said...

Love your post and getting a glimpse of you every weekday morning. Liam is ADORABLE! And your last sentence in this post made me giggle. There's much truth to that!

JOHN said...

Stumbled across your blog today.Very nice looking family.Seems as if God has Blessed you all.When you get some blog reading time stop by..
God Bless you!
Life in Johns world