December 9, 2012

Behind as Usual...

My initial intention of this post was to write and post pictures from our fun weekend filled with Christmas activities. So, I logged on, uploaded the pictures from my camera to discover that I never uploaded our Halloween pictures. And, it's December. So...without further ado, here are some Halloween pictures  of our very own Heatwave. 
 Halloween was so. much. fun. this year! Liam was completely into trick or treating. And, he loves anything and everything scary. (He definitely doesn't get that from me! The Harry Potter movies are too scary for me. Lame, I know!!!)
 Our neighborhood is the place to be on Halloween night. The streets are filled with fog from people's fog machines. The fog sets the mood for some fun trick or treating experiences!
After we trick or treated in our neighborhood for a couple of hours, we fought the masses to get out of our neighborhood to go over to my parents. We did some trick or treating in their neighborhood and called it quits for the night. Liam ended up with a ton of candy! 

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Mrs. J said...

he is ADORABLE! and you are gorgeous!