December 21, 2012

A Birthday Celebration

For months, Liam's birthday party requests were for his party to be at our house and for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him one at a time. Luckily, both requests were forgotten as soon as I suggested one of Liam's favorite places, Andy Alligator's, for his party location. As soon as he agreed, I booked it for the day before his actual birthday.

I feel like the past few Christmas seasons have been way too stressful with planning a birthday party and all things Christmas. So, I decided not to go all out this year for Liam's party. And, you know what?!?! He didn't notice one bit, and I was able to really enjoy myself! 

The cupcakes were delicious this year! I used this recipe for the cupcakes and this recipe for the icing. Easy, easy, easy, and so YUM!

I ordered the invitations and cupcake toppers from CKFireboots on Etsy. The shop owner was super easy to work with and extremely quick!

Sweet boy was scared to get too close to the candles to blow them out. So, he blew from afar. (I guess he really gets the whole "don't play with fire" thing!)

He got so many great gifts from our friends and family. 

While opening his gifts, Andy Alligator came into our party room. This was a big deal for Liam. He loves Andy!!!

My mom and I spent an evening the week before his party making Ninja Turtle masks for all of the kids. They all looked so cute in their masks!

It's crazy hard to find Ninja Turtle decorations. I found some vintage paper plates on-line. $38 for 8 plates. Seriously?!?! So, David and I decided we would wear Ninja shirts to "add to the decor".

This is Myles and Kaitlyn. I worked with their mommies for years. 

This is Owen, one of Liam's most favorite friends. He loves playing with Owen. His mommy and I have been friends since middle school and it is so fun to watch these two boys play together!

These are Liam's cousins, Haley and Logan. Liam looks up to them so much!

The party included 3 hours of unlimited rides on the Frog Hopper. Liam rode it with his friends at least 20 times! He would have ridden it more if we would have let him.

Liam wrapped up his party with a root beer and rest. He played so hard that he was a sweaty mess! I guess that means his party was a success and he had a blast!

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