July 5, 2012

Father's Day Fishing Fun

A couple of weeks before Father's Day, David received an invitation in the mail from Liam (or his daycare), inviting him to a picnic and fishing for some father/son time. Liam was pumped. David...not so much. He's not real into fishing, but definitely sucked it up for his baby!

I was lucky to get to tag along as a helper since we live across the street from the pond where they were fishing! It was so cute to see 10 dads and their kids fishing together. :)

The boys ended up catching 4 fish! (Too bad it is a catch and release pond!)
 Liam was not too sure about that fish on his fishing pole at first! He refused to touch it.
 He was a little more into it the second time they got a bite, but he still wouldn't touch the fish.

By the end of the night, I completely took over the fishing pole and had a blast! Who knew fishing could be so much fun!?!?! Here's my big catch of the night....
Liam is such a lucky boy to have David as his daddy! Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

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